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The similitude in the evolution of movies and content on the web

Updated: May 29, 2020

*This is an opinion piece. We may not agree on all points*

I have been an avid follower of movies. Movies in various languages from English to Hindi to Tamil to Turkish.

It is fascinating to see the creative development of cinema in the years while there have been drastic changes in the narrative over periodic timeframes.

Like every art form, movies have evolved over time and I chartered based on my observation, how content has found itself in a transition across the globe.

Now it is equally interesting that when I mapped the evolution of content on the web with cinematic evolution, the similarities of changes with respect to time seemed to match at every transition phase.

Here is a quick video charter

Now, How did all of this correlation help me look at content in the process of content moderation?

As humans, we have our biases and objectivity of perceiving a particular piece of content, big or small. An understanding and discernment of content differ from person to person. As a part of my job in developing content moderation processes, methods, and capability over the years, I looked at film critiques and commentators on how they perceived content objectively while subjectively critiquing individual parts of it. The only difference for me was to analyze a piece of content against a policy instead of critiquing. I have looked at various methodologies of learning over the years and this is one of them and Well in some way it helped me bring objectivity to subjectivity.

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