• Vejeps Ephi Kingsly

The Extinction debt of Corona Virus (Covid 19)

What is Extinction debt?

To plainly put, extinction debt is the eradication/disappearance of a certain species. In the case of corona virus/covid 19, it is to ensure we can push it to survival without recovery with the least number of habitats it can poach. The habitat in this context being human beings.

What are the ways to eradicate Covid 19/Corona Virus?

There are 2 ways of primary eradication as per ecological studies

  1. Habitat fragmentation

  2. Habitat extinction

Habitat Fragmentation

It is to ensure isolation and fragmentation of host/habitat into smaller groups and patches. In the case of corona virus, we have ensured social distancing which enables this. But, there needs to be deeper study happening into the concept so that the right methods and solutions can be implemented by governments and regulatory bodies. We got to emulate and artificially create habitat fragmentation for Covid 19 to reduce at a substantial rate.

And this is the best possible solution at this point before we can create a vaccine

Habitat extinction

To eliminate the habitat so that there is no host/habitat for existence.

I have heard only one case of this happening during the Covid times and this is not the most ideal/moral/human/legal method to adopt.

We have a third choice today which is to create a vaccine against Covid 19 This will make us, the habitat to be resistive to the virus making it non existent or killing it whenever it surfaces. This, as a cure or as a precaution is needed since we have let it build at an alarming rate.

What can we learn from this Covid 19 epidemic?

There are many other viruses which we know nothing of. We need to be prepared not just to find solutions once it reaches a point of pandemic but we should be able to contain it. A Vaccine cannot always be a solution. The HIV prevention vaccine still does not exist. Not just for this but for any other pandemic in the future, need to be ready to contain it or fragment it in the early stages. This has to happen at numbers which can be counted on the finger tip. Globally we need to ensure high standards of hygiene and high immunity at the same time

I hope and pray we get through this to the other side at the earliest.