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Banning TikTok is not right

For the past couple of days “ #BanTikTokInIndia” has been trending on Twitter. I feel It is not the right thing to ban TikTok.

Here is why?

1. TikTok is evolving

TikTok, an extremely new platform is evolving continuously and at a very fast pace. Like every other social platform, the hiccups need to be corrected while taking tough decisions on morally irresponsible and opinionated individuals

2. Its reach with everyone alike

It is very hard to find some technology/platform that reaches and appeals to every division (however you divide it) of the community. Every other platform has gone through an evolution and transition into different segments. TikTok was one platform that sliced through from the previous trend

3. Education and Awareness in the Key with users

Everyone who uses social media regardless of what platform should be aware of what is acceptable individually or as a community. Today in the instances of the posts on the acid attack, strong actions on individuals violating community standards and any content correlating need to be taken. Better community guideline awareness to be created, especially with verified users. While we say that, the platform has also stirred the discussion on awareness of this abuse across channels (It is not a justification on the user who posted the content)

There is this one suggestion for TikTok

4. Stricter Community Guidelines implementation

TikTok, You need a much more stringent approach to Trust and Safety. More individuals with extremely high morality, empathy, and fairness in outlook(keeping personal bias aside) for both managing and decision making at every level. Build a sufficient and proactive team that takes care of in-house and outsourced operations to manage your content.

I find great potential in EduTok and other Bytedance products like Resso and Lark. Let us see how this company shapes.

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