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About Me in 3rd Person

When I first met Ephi for a work-related assignment, I was awe-struck by his tenacity and passion to excel at everything he does. When he gets his hands on a problem, you can see that he truly cares about the outcome of the solutions he is proposing, rather than just selling his favorite idea. 

Over a fruitful career spanning over 7 years, Ephi has explored diverse areas of interest ranging from Aviation to Sales Strategy; Client Relationship Management to Project Management and all things Trust & Safety. He’s done it all. Working in startups - filling in the shoes as a Director of a startup org, to defining the strategic growth of multi-million dollar businesses and finally working within the Trust and Safety space with global social media giants.

Ephi has conceptualized the intellectual foundations of Trust and Safety vertical, studied its patterns and impact on external Users and internal reviewer workforce and designed unique systems for ensuring wellness measures whilst keeping the internet safe and accessible for everyone.

That’s just his work. As we became friends over time, I got to know his personal side - the one that leaves you awestruck. For starters, this man has the knack of leading a conversation, about any random topic that you could think of, and he talks in a way that makes you question the conventional approach of how you perceive ideas. A self-made man with varied knowledge developed through years of learning, a true leader and a man of integrity. All of this topped up with a quirky sense of humor which makes even the most turbulent times breeze through with ease.

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