A Little About Me

Adapting to life while adapting the life to me
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I read this story of an Indian street vendor and how one video on the internet by a good samaritan made the difference in his life. There are 1000s of such stories/videos on the internet, which can change and better people's life. 

I chose to work in Trust and Safety because I want such stories to not get lost between the harmful ones.  

It isn't just about the content - Its identity, safety, security, privacy, truth while ensuring the freedom online

I Grew up and lived across the southern states of India. Lived most part of my life by myself and have an innate curiosity for “everything”

I'm an Avgeek and have an interest in Aviation, Planes, and Airports(Now you know why the pics)

I have a dog named Zeke. I speak 5 languages - English, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi and Malayalam, and am learning the 6th language of Telugu.

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