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Today we are facing another Renaissance 


We all know, change is inevitable but it did not hit us as much until COVID 19 happened.

In the past few years, the world has gotten ahead of itself. The priorities have shifted and so has humanity. 

In the fast-paced world, we've been blessed with the boon of technology, information, and opportunities. Have we been sensitive about it?

We as a species have been given the ability to rationalize, think, choose, empathize create out of ideas and communities. We could use these for our betterment while also ensuring adequate resources for the future.

Today, I have been given an opportunity to make the ecosystem better!

Not just the biological ecosystem but also the parallel alter universe we have created for ourselves - "The Internet/web". We are transversing into a bionic system of functioning. And moral responsibilities lie at the core of all of it. 
Companies today put Trust and Safety at the center of their business. The systems, tech, people ensuring that the ecosystem is safe for everyone. 


Yes, today it's not just physical safety that needs assurance!

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